3.0-m dome;

  15-cm Meniscas Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope (mounted in 3.0 m dome);

Diameter: 150 mm

Focal length: 2250 mm

Eyepieces: 6 mm; 10 mm; 16 mm; 25 mm; 40 mm (Huygens)

Magnification: ×375; ×225; ×140; ×90; ×56

   Two 60-mm refractor telescopes;

Electronic eyepiece Bresser PC Ocular;

Pixel array: 640 × 480 pixels

Pixel size: 9 μm × 9 μm

Field of view with the 15-cm telescope: 8.90' × 6.60'


   Six sextants for practical exercises with students;


   Two models of the Solar System;

   Room for theoretical and practical lectures with students;

   Three scientific rooms of the astronomy professors;

   Sundial, Campus 3 of the University;

   Library with the astronomical literature.


For the equipment of the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Shumen please click here.